2020 … a change of step


We’re fast using up all the adjectives for March 2020… ‘challenging’ times, ‘difficult’ days and the rest. There has to be a peculiar irony that a year that should be defined by 20/20 perfect vision is the most unpredictable one most of us will have ever experienced.

So it seems really weird for Kouzina to carry on as normal …. I don’t think anyone will be interested in me wittering on about complicated dishes that you may not be able to get the ingredients for. I’m wondering if it might be better and hopefully more helpful to share some lovely, mainly Greek recipes that are easy to make from stuff you have in store or freezer. When you can’t get hold of certain products, it’s always good to have suggestions for alternatives – I hope I can do that. I love conjuring up a tasty plate of food from the things I have to hand, so not everything will be a traditional Greek dish but hopefully they will bring a bit of Greek flavour to your tables.