Chopping an onion the ‘Greek Way’.


It sounds a bit bizarre, but there is traditional Greek way to chop an onion and, once you get the hang of it, it’s a useful technique.

In the past, Greek housewives cooked with few implements and kitchen gadgets – they produced amazingly complicated dishes in very basic kitchens. So this method for chopping onions developed, giving a very fine dice, without a chopping board.

To chop an onion the Greek way, you first peel the onion. Then take a slice across the top of it, exposing the rings.

Now slash across the top in a criss-cross pattern. Then slice through the rings of the onion and you will find that the onion will come away in a fine dice.

3 Replies to “Chopping an onion the ‘Greek Way’.”

  1. My grandmas still do it this way! to be honest, many Greek households still don’t use chopping boards – why would you when you can chop it all on top of a bowl? I admit to have sinned though, chopping board has become a routine. Well, with the odd quick hand-chops out in the mix too…

    1. Just love the texture you get with this method – and as you say, who needs a chopping board anyway !
      Thanks for the positive feedback – much appreciated 🙂

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