Welcome to Kouzina

Jane Sofos

I’m a food blogger, cook and Philhellene. Been cooking Greek and Mediterranean food for simply ages – writing about it since 2014.

A chance meeting in an English college canteen with a completely random group of foreign students, resulted in my acquisition of a Greek boyfriend. 
I’d always been fascinated with food and I was also aware of that old adage that ‘the quickest way to a man’s heart’ is via the stomach! So it wasn’t long before I’d bought any Greek cookbooks I could lay my hands on. 
After the boyfriend had transformed into my husband, Greece became my home. We lived in Greece for many years, on an island and also in Athens. I have been lucky enough to be able to ditch those cookbooks, and learn about the food of this amazing country in real kitchens, in real homes. 
When we settled back in England,  I carried on recreating those dishes in my own kitchen here. Sometimes ingredients have to be substituted and recipes slightly
adapted, but always achieving those authentic flavours. 
I cannot shake off the smells, the tastes, the colours or the warmth of Greece. My efforts to capture it all are here.