1 cucumber

1 250gm tub ‘Total’ Greek Yoghurt (or similar )
1-2 cloves garlic – crushed
1 tab. Olive oil
A little salt

First of all, peel the cucumber. Generally in Greek cooking, cucumbers are not served with the skin. It is considered to be bitter and difficult to digest.
Next with a coarse grater, grate the cucumber into a colander. Sprinkle with a little salt and leave to one side for about 30 minutes.


Put the yoghurt into a medium sized mixing bowl, beat in the olive oil and then the crushed garlic.

Now take the cucumber and either with your hands or in a clean tea towel, squeeze out as much water as you can. Now stir the squeezed,grated cucumber into the yoghurt.
Put into a serving bowl and serve.

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