Acropolis Museum Mezé

Graviera and Candied Peel Starter

300 – 250 gm hard salty cheese – ideally  Cretan graviera – I have done it using  a good pecorino sardo

150 gm finely chopped dried or crystallised fruit, i.e.citrus rind, or dried apricots, figs or plums. Feel free to use your instincts!

Several pieces of finely sliced ‘mostarda di fruta’ – or pickled watermelon rind (see recipes ) this is not                         essential but if you can be bothered it is beautiful  (first pickle your watermelon !)

Good honey

Fresh sprigs of thyme.

Slice the cheese into 8 – 12 fairly thin slices, it’s good if you can achieve thin triangular shaped slices.

Finely slice the dried/crystallised fruit and ‘mustarda di fruta’.

Assemble the cheese and fruit on a plate and drizzle with honey.

Finish with a sprig of fresh thyme.

Serves 4