A Last Taste of Summer – Postscript – Kolokythákia Me Avga


In the last post,as part of our marvellous lunch in Paros, I mentioned a dish of eggs and courgettes. Admittedly, it is not the most photogenic dish in the world – but it is very, very tasty and incredibley easy.

Kolokythákia me Avgá  – Courgettes with Eggs

2-3 medium sized courgettes

1 smallish onion, finely chopped

3-4 eggs

A little dried mint

Olive oil

Salt and Pepper


First of all coarsely grate the courgettes,sprinkle with a little salt and leave them in a colander to drain.

After a while – 5-10 minutes – take the grated courgette a handful at a time, and squeeze out as much water as you can. Put it to one side.

In a medium sized frying pan heat 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil. Add the finely chopped onion, and fry for a few minutes

Now add the grated, squeezed courgette, and add to the frying pan with the onion. Continue to fry, until it is almost cooked.

In a bowl beat the eggs with a little salt and ground pepper, and a little crumbled dried mint.

Add the beaten eggs to the courgette and onion mixture and continue to cook, stirring all the time.

Serve with a salad and bread.


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